School Age Vaccine Clinic in West Berkshire

The school-aged Immunisation Service are pleased to offer a further COVID-19 vaccination clinic at West Berkshire Community Hospital (RG18 3AS) on Saturday 20th November 2021, this will run from 9.00 am until 5.30 pm. This service is open to parents who live in West Berkshire/their child attends a school in West Berkshire. Most parents should be booking their son/daughter to attend the mass vaccination centre at Broad Street Mall in Reading, and if you have an appointment booked, please keep that appointment.

If you have previously completed an electronic consent form for your child to receive COVID-19 in school and they were either absent, unwell or refused you should have received an email from Cinnamon Digital with instructions on how to book a clinic appointment – please follow the link in this email. If you did not complete a consent form for your child and you would now like them to be vaccinated please refer to the original email sent to you via school with how to provide consent (also including your unique school reference).

Parents can book their son/daughter into this clinic for a first dose of the vaccine if:

  • Their child had not reached their 12th birthday at the time the school vaccination session took place.
  • Their child missed this during a school vaccination session due to being unwell/self-isolating
  • Unable to submit consent form on time
  • Travelling to Broad Street Mall would be problematic due to issues with transport or the family’s individual circumstances

If your child is aged 12-15 (must have turned 12 on or before the 19th November 2021) who live in or attend a school in West Berkshire, including:

  • The Downs – BK110102
  • Kennet – BK136647
  • Trinity – BK138525
  • St Bartholomew’s – BK137465
  • Park House – BK136733
  • St Gabriel’s – BK110128
  • Brockhurst and Marlston – BK110127
  • John ‘O Gaunt – BK142822
  • Downe House – BK110123
  • Willink – BK110048
  • Theale Green – BK145945
  • Bradfield College – BK110121
  • Pangbourne College – BK110132
  • St Andrews – BK110122
  • Mary Hare – BK110180
  • Padworth College – BK110169

Please visit the link below to complete a consent form, using the school code (BK……..) from the list above next to your child’s school, once a form has been complete you will be sent a link for you to book a clinic appointment for your child.

Consent Form, please visit:

DO NOT BOOK if your son/daughter has had a positive PCR test in the last 12 weeks, they will not be able to be vaccinated, as there must be 12 week gap between a positive PCR test and vaccination.

The team will also be able to administer the annual flu vaccine if required. Children/young people must be accompanied by a parent with parental responsibility and will not be seen unless accompanied by such. Due to the

ongoing requirement for social distancing on all NHS premises, only 1 adult should attend with the child/young person, all persons over 12 are required to wear a face covering. Parents will be required to remain with their son/daughter for a minimum of 15 minutes after he/she is vaccinated. Please ensure your child has had something to eat/drink prior to their vaccination. There is no cafeteria open on the weekend, only a vending machine.

Parents should not attend if currently suffering with Covid-19 symptoms. As this is a hospital setting, we would ask those attending to undertake a Lateral Flow Test on the day of their appointment to minimise risk of transmission of Covid-19.

The hospital is situated between Newbury and Thatcham and is accessible by bus and train, and there is plenty of parking (pay and display) available at the site.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a service for school-aged children only and the team are not able to vaccinate other members of the family for either 1st or 2nd doses.

If you need to contact The School Aged Immunisation Team please email:

Some questions and answers

My son/daughter is classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, do I still have to wait 12 weeks since he/she had Covid?

No, if you have received notification from your child’s consultant/GP that they should have their Covid vaccination, please attend on Saturday

What do I need to do if my child has had Covid on or after 28/08/21?

Please respond to this email to cancel your appointment, and state the date of his/her positive test. We will be in touch when we have more information for how the vaccination can be booked.

Can I book/his her appointment through the national booking service?

Yes, but there will still need to be the 12 week interval, you may need to wait to book if it so far ahead. The main vaccination centre is Broad Street Mall in Reading, you can attend as a ‘walk in’ (without a pre-booked appointment), but the 12 week interval will still apply.

Will my child be able to have this at a school setting?

Currently there are no further planned sessions in schools

Will there be a clinic at West Berkshire Community Hospital again?

Currently there are no further clinics booked at West Berkshire Community Hospital