Private Fees

Item Required WEF 1st April 2018
Private Sick Note £20.00
Passport Form / Drivers Licence / Photo £35.12 inc VAT
Passport – Confirmation of true copy £20.40 inc VAT
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate £113.22 inc VAT
Blind / Partially Sighted Exam £25.50 inc VAT
Application to be a Child Minder (NO Exam) £79.56 inc VAT
Adoption Medical (with examination) £79.56 inc VAT
School Fees Insurance Forms £27.50
Fit to Attend School £22.44 inc VAT
Power of Attorney Forms £51.00 inc VAT
Pre-employment Medical £159.43 to £228.31 inc VAT
Sports Medical (Is subject to VAT depending on purpose) Simple £27.50
With Med – £129.54 inc VAT
Dangerous Sports Declaration Form (incl Medical) (such as parachuting, gliding, scuba diving etc) £122.27 + VAT
Full Medical for Insurance Company £193.96
LGV, PSV, Taxi Driver Examination £114.17 inc VAT
HGV Medical (required for any employment licence) £114.17 inc VAT
Seat Belt Exemption Examination Simple £27.00
With Med – £128.35
Other Fees
Copying of medical notes FREE
ECG Test £101.29
Access to Medical Records Up to £50.00
Private Influenza Vaccination £28.15
Blood test with Phlebotomist (Diagnostic) £32.64
Blood test with Phlebotomist (Paternity) £40.54 inc VAT
Shot Gun Licence £36.48 inc VAT
Road Traffic Accident £35.70
Case Conference (up to 1 hour) £83.64
Case Conference (up to 3 hours out of Surgery) £224.40
Information Request Letter £29.72 – £45.90 inc VAT
Holiday Cancellation / Ins Claims Form £29.72 – £45.90 inc VAT